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We are an international transport company with our main office in Jutland, Denmark. We have more than 40 years of experience transporting liquid foodstuff and powder products. We offer our service to most countries in Europe and our network covers most of Europe. This provides our clients with a swift, reliable and continuous connection to most parts of the continent.

About us​

Quality, reliability and innovation. We are an international transport company that offers our services in most of Europe.

EUROBULK Logistics A/S is an international Danish based transportation company with headquarters in the southern part Denmark and daughter companies in Germany and Poland. Since the late seventies EUROBULK Logistics A/S has delivered solid and innovative transport solutions. We have undergone substantial growth over the last decade so today we have 120 own trucks and 160 trailers at our disposal. This means that we are agile and flexible making it easier to do large and complex transportation tasks. Our fleet consists solely of EURO 6 trucks, which is the highest standard possible.

Quality and reliability are core values for us. Therefore we were the first Danish transportation company to become GMP+B4 certified in 2003. Since then we have obtained relevant certifications in order to document that we are on top of safety and quality, eg. ISO 22000:2018

Our co-workers are highly specialized and some of the best at what they do in Denmark. Therefore, regardless of complexity you can rest assure that we have tried it before. We know that our current clients appreciate a personal service – the type of service where we meet with our clients and learn about their business.

We are an eco-conscious company – easy to claim but difficult to proof, we know. A testament to this was our nomination for the Danish Transport Award 2020 for our efforts in bringing down our carbon footprint. Which we have done drastically! 25% reduction just by using HVO 100 instead of diesel in our Swedish and Norwegian transportation. 

The first company in Denmark to buy LNG-gas-powered trucks for long haulage. Full implementation of LED light both inside and outside. New eco-friendly workshop with ground to air heating – no fossil fuels used. Monitoring of driver behaviour, tire pressure, acceleration, braking etc. We welcome the new era of digitalization and do our best to keep up and implement new technology.

 This means that we integrate digital solutions in our fleet management systems in order to reduce kilometres driven with empty tank- and silo trailers and improve communication between drivers and planners.

"The personal relation to our clients is a core value by us. We are visible to our clients, they know us and they know exactly who to contact with their inquiries. In that sense we are old fashioned"

Søren Tvede Larsen, CEO.

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