Food and feed safety is the center of attention in this line of business. Thus, it makes us proud to say that we satisfy the high standards of the most reputable organizations. See our certifications below.

Certificates at EUROBULK

At EUROBULK Logistics A/S, we take environmental, feed and food safety seriously. We were the first Danish transport and forwarding company in Denmark to be certified according to the GMP standard, and since then we have also obtained an ISO 22000 certification.

We do our best to take care of the environment and feed and food safety every day, while at the same time prioritizing efficient transport of the customers' goods.

ISO 22000:2018 certificate

The ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems certificate is an international set of standards that aims to guarantee food safety throughout the transport chain.The certificate is thus a guarantee that we contribute to food safety throughout the transport process. 

With this certification, we have proven that we have implemented a complete and efficient system that guarantees food safety. The certificate ensures accessible and globally accepted standards. This means that there are standards for the essential factors so that we can guarantee food safety. 

The essential factors include, among other things, interactive communication, system management, implementation of necessary programs as well as on-going assessment and improvement of the systems.

GMP+B4 transport certificate

At EUROBULK Logistics A / S we are certified by GMP +. This means that we can guarantee fast and safe transport of feed. The GMP + certificate is a guarantee that we provide professional and reliable shipping of feed. 

To guarantee feed safety for all, GMP + has developed a set of requirements and conditions. These must be followed by all GMP + certified companies. This means that GMP + can set standards for the entire production and distribution chain. 

As part of GMP + B4 transport, we have therefore become part of a network with common, international standards. The network consists of over 20,000 companies in more than 80 countries. Within this network, we all follow the same rules, and together we create standards for safe production, storage and transport of feed. Through GMP + B4 transport we get access to international courses and information sources about feed.

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