Nearly half a decade ago EUROBULK Logistics A/S were among the first in Denmark to transport bulk products in silo trailers. We can rightfully say that we have become specialists. In 2003 we were the first company in Denmark to be GMP certified. Also, a significant part of our fleet of silo trailers consists of ADR-silo trailers for transportation of dangerous goods.

Silo transport at EUROBULK

Since the seventies EUROBULK has been specialists in moving bulk products.

At EUROBULK it is a core value that our customers receive an engaged and personal service. Therefore it is always the same specialist you engage with, this ensures stability executing our customer’s task.

Feed transport is conducted in accordance with the quality standard “GMP+B4 transport FSA” this means that we can guarantee that the handling and transportation lives up to all relevant requirements.

We have “waste permits” in all EU countries and are capable of handling everything in this regard.

We have a strong presence in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany but our trucks moves throughout Europe so we can provide a swift and flexible service wherever our customers are located.

Transport material

  • 35 and 56 m3 bottom outlet
  • 58 m3 stainless steel tip silo
  • 58-66 m3 aluminium tip silo
  • 63 m3 aluminium ADR-tip silo
  • All trucks equipped with a compressor
  • All silos have one chamber
  • “GMP+B4 transport” certified silos
  • All silo trailers equipped with ultrasin filters.

Selection of products we transport​

EUROBULK offers transportation of a wide range of products e.g. fly ash, lime, chalk and feed products. Moreover, we have a substantial number ADR-tip silos that enables us to transport various ADR-products. Meaning dangerous goods in accordance with the ADR treaty.





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