At EUROBULK Logistics A/S environmental performance is not just talk. We take it very seriously and take upon ourselves the responsibility to make eco-friendly decisions. Eco-friendly transport is actual everyday decisions and substantial changes in the way we do transportation.

Environmental initiatives at EUROBULK

We make actual changes fundamentally altering our way of doing business.

For this we were nominated for ITD’s “Danish Transport Award 2020 – green transition”

We continually try to optimize and become even more eco- friendly. For the last 7 years we have, among many other initiatives, been using ​HVO 100 (Hydrotreated vegetable oil)​. HVO 100 is a fossil free diesel product made of 100% renewable raw material, which does not release any new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

It is produced by vegetable oil and animal fat, the result is a fuel with a chemical structure almost identical to regular diesel and can therefore fully replace fossil diesel. Today, between 25-30% of our fuel consumption stems from HVO 100. At the moment it is not possible to do a complete transformation, but we do it where it is possible. Also, we are one of the first companies in Denmark to have done so. In 2019, as the very first transport company in Denmark, we purchased LNG-gas-powered-trucks for long-haulage.

Gas-powered-trucks are in our opinion a viable eco-friendly alternative at least for the next decade, so in 2020 we ordered even more. Our workshop is heated by heat pumps and all our office lighting is LED lightning. Picture below shows one of our LNG-gas powered truck.

EUROBULK always tries to buy the most eco friendly equipment and products although we do take profitability into account. All our trucks meet the highest EURO-norm, EURO 6. The EURO-norm is based on EU directives ensuring certain standards for emission and pollution.

Surely, it is not only what you purchase but also how you use what you purchase. Therefore, we educate the drivers in terms of driving style and follow up with guidance and control. The drivers are encouraged to drive with due care, especially with regards to accelerating, braking and idling. The trucks are limited to 85km/h and fuel consumption, tire pressure and log-data are controlled on a regular basis. Furthermore, we also try to plan transportation so we drive the fewest empty kilometres possible.

With regards to office articles, we strive to buy only eco-friendly products e.g. Nordic eco labelled products. Also, we digitize and digitalize on an on-going basis in order for us to eventually become free of paper etc.

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