More than 40 years of experience transporting liquid foodstuff in tankers. State-of-the-art equipment and highly specialized planners with (literally) decades of experience. Together this means that EUROBULK Logistics A/S can solve even the most complex tasks. We can rightfully say that we are specialists in this field and confidently state that we can offer the best transport solution for your product.​

Tank transport at EUROBULK

We have an ambition to become the preferred partner for the food industry transporting liquid foodstuff. We believe that we are well on our way.

By EUROBULK it is a core value that our customers receive an engaged and personal service. Therefore you can expect to have the same specialist committed throughout the task. This secures stability and predictability executing the order of the customer.

EUROBULK offers transportation of all sorts of liquid foodstuff. Our people in the tankers division are specialists with many years (some several decades) of experience handling and transporting liquid foodstuff.​

All our tankers are ATP-certified, isolated and equipped with “transport heating”. Most of the tankers are also equipped with a separate “Webasto” heater, which enables exact temperature regulation. For further information on technical specifications please read below.

EUROBULK is a member of the international organization Tankceu Food.

Transport material

  • Stainless steel tankers. Steeltype AISI 316L /V4A

  • 1 or 3 chambers

  • 30.000-40.000 litres
  • ADR tankers for food

  • Chamber division from 4.000 – 35.0000 litres

  • Refrigerated with online temperature regulation/surveillance

  • Top isolated, transport heating, “Webasto” (stand heat)

  • Digital fleet control ensures track and trace of the tankers.

  • All tankers equipped with a compressor

  • All tankers are with rear outlet.

  • Tankers with pumps.

  • All tankers equipped with sterile filters

  • “Ground operated” tankers

  • All tankers are ATP-certified.

Selection of products we transport​

We offer tank transportation of a broad variety of products, including juice, beer, glucose, milk, cream, chocolate, vegetable oils and much more!




Vegetable oils

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