International transport

We provide swift and reliable international transport. We have more than 40 years experience crossing borders and our vast network covers most of Europe. 40 years of experience also means that we have detailed knowledge of the roads and regulations of the different European countries – knowledge that is indispensable for the client.

International transport

EUROBULK Logistics A/S offers international transport and logistics.

Every single day we transport huge volumes nationally as well as internationally. Our network covers most of Europe. This provides our clients with a swift, reliable and continuous connection to most parts of the continent.

At EUROBULK we know the roads in the whole of Europe. Our planners and drivers have extensive knowledge about rules and culture in different Europeans countries and we also keep ourselves up to date with any new relevant information. This way we can make ensure reliable and effective transportation. You can always be certain to find our trucks in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy and Austria.


EUROBULK Logistics A/S is a Danish established company with head office in Kliplev, Aabenraa. We were established in the seventies and thus have a big number of regular clients that we provide our service for.


We have been present in Norway throughout our history and transport vast volumes of industrial products in and out of Norway on a daily basis.


After many years of presence in Sweden we have built a huge traffic between Sweden and the continent especially of food products and powder products. 


Germany is the biggest trade partner to Denmark and naturally also one of EUROBULK’S main markets. Besides Denmark, Germany is probably the market we know best. In addition to this, all our planners and many of our drivers speak German, which makes it easy for us to adhere even to small details – which are often the ones proving to be crucial.


UK has been a core market for us in a long time and we strongly expect this to be the case in the future as well. All our planners and drivers speak English, which makes it easy for us to adhere even to small details – which are often the ones proving to be crucial.


France, known for its high quality food products, is a big market for EUROBULK and whenever Scandinavians need a taste of the French produce, this is when EUROBULK comes into the picture. 

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