At EUROBULK Logistics A/S, we have experienced great growth over the past 10 years. That is why there is always a lot of new things happening in the company - and we try as far as possible to keep you updated on small and large events.

May 2022​

New employees

On 1 May, the following new employees will start at Eurobulk:

Søren Michel
– Søren is employed in our tank department as a dispatcher, where together with the department's other dispatchers he must optimize the transport of our fleet of food trucks.

Artur Bogusz
– Artur is also employed in our tank department as a manager, where he has to optimize communication with the department's drivers.

Lars Lorenzen
– Lars is employed in our workshop as a mechanic, where he, together with the workshop's other staff, must maintain our vehicles.

We welcome our 3 new colleagues at Eurobulk

March 2022​

New employee

On March 1, Tino Krause starts as manager in our tipper department at Eurobulk. Tino will dispose of our tippers and walking floors. We welcome Tino at Eurobulk.

January 2022​

New employee

On 1 January, Suravit Rutz will start as project manager at Eurobulk. Suravit must work with innovation and implement digitization of work processes at Eurobulk. We welcome Suravit at Eurobulk.​

November 2022​

New employee

On 1 November, Pia Koch starts as forwarding assistant at Eurobulk. Pia will work in our tank department, where she will primarily process orders. We welcome Pia to Eurobulk.​

December 2022​

Eurobulk vacates Kliplev

Our new workshop in Padborg is ready, which is why we are moving everything from Kliplev to Padborg.

​An era is over – Eurobulk is no longer represented in Kliplev.​​

November 2022​

Travel guild at Eurobulk

On 14 September, Eurobulk Logistics A/S was able to celebrate a travel festival at the new warehouse building.​​

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